I ate some yogurt and its lare its 1:56am i feel so guilty?

Answer A bit of yoghurt doesn't affect your diet I'm sure, but if you feel guilty, try to eat less tomorrow. :)

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Should I feel guilty about this?

It's only a week, you'll be fine. Don't let your work out routine control your life so much so you feel the need to feel guilt over missing a few days at the gym due to work. I wouldn't imagine it'... Read More »

Should I feel guilty about my financial aid?

You might need it for school in the long run. I would put it in an account and don't touch it unless it is school related. As you further along your college career, you will have to get more expens... Read More »

I had my son CIRCUMCISED now i feel guilty...?

Just let him know that when he's older you regretted what you did and you wish you could undo it. That's all you can offer him at this point, an appology and trust me that goes a long way.So many p... Read More »

Do you ever feel guilty for being a SAHM?

No i don't. I have 4 children...i'm constantly busy. Nap time is my "me time"...and that's getting shorter and shorter as my 2 youngest are getting older and demanding less nap time. I am forever p... Read More »