I ate some chili that had mold on the top portion,can i get food poisoning?

Answer Did you cook it first. Like over 160 degrees????? That process may solve your issue. If you did not cook it it is possible you could get some side affects.

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How to Store Food to Prevent Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning occurs when the food you eat has become contaminated, often due to improper preparation and handling of the food. You can experience food poisoning from eating food long after its ex... Read More »

Will I get food poisoning?

The packet, it wasn't opened and it wasn't moldy - was it?If you got food poisoning, it would already affected your belly within a few hours, you'd be throwing up, feeling dizzy and or nauseated!Us... Read More »

Is this food poisoning?

Have you eaten the sandwich and seen a red or pink core.. If you did, then you have salmonella.. That's not something to worry about, just go to the pharmacist and they'll prescribe pills. These ar... Read More »

Do i have food poisoning?

it does sound asif you have food poisoning. you need to be very carefull with thawed out meat that has been re-heated. usually if a food disagrees with you and its not a serious infection your body... Read More »