I ate chicken and im a vegetarian! Please help! I feel terrible!?

Answer It's a mistake, not your fault, of course you are still a vegetarian! This is a decision you chose to take on yourself, and it classifies you as a vegetarian until you decide willingly to try meat... Read More »

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I have a terrible cold, please help!?

Have no fear Evie. The QUEEN OF COLD REMEDIES IS HERE! lol. But seriously. This is what you got to do.HOW TO TREAT NASAL ISSUES:--EAT something spicy if you can (mexican food with hot sauce, etc) t... Read More »

My vagina smells terrible, help please?

you have a yeast infection, go to the clinic

Vegetarian or not Please help?

Do what is best for you! If your friend doesn't like you, it's their loss. I have lots of friends who are Vegetarians and Meateaters and some vegetarians that eat fish and eggs. I think being a ... Read More »

I feel so dirty Please Help?

your just young and experimenting, don't let these people talk you down they probably wont admit it but they probably done the same thing, just relax and let it go, just don't try to grow up to fas... Read More »