I ate chicken and im a vegetarian! Please help! I feel terrible!?

Answer It's a mistake, not your fault, of course you are still a vegetarian! This is a decision you chose to take on yourself, and it classifies you as a vegetarian until you decide willingly to try meat... Read More »

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Why do I feel terrible after having a nap?

I feel really weird when something terrible happens......?

Sounds like you're a very sensitive and caring person, hearing any bad news upsets you. This is normal for many people, my own daughter cant watch a scary movie, it makes her have the same type 'pr... Read More »

I feel SO terrible.....BPA bottles?

I haven't heard of it, but I'm interested in researching it further. In the meantime, please don't feel terrible. You had no way of knowing, and I'm fairly certain you wouldn't give your child so... Read More »

How do i not feel so terrible and scared about going to the dentist?

I am always scared to go to the dentist even though I go every 6 months. And me, well I am the biggest worrier when it comes to teeth, and I dont know why lol. What I do is I just take a deep breat... Read More »