I ate badly today will it have an impact on my weigh in tomorrow?

Answer You didn't go over your calorie limit, so I doubt you'll gain weight. When losing weight just try to avoid eating "empty calories" that don't give you real energy, but just get stored as fat (but v... Read More »

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Did I eat badly today?

It's not that bad! It's okay to have cheat days.. Don't worry! It won't affect anything. :)

What impact did Mark Zuckerberg have on the world today?

Think about it. He gave the world the ability to connect with each other. Get to keep in touch with family, friends, and people around the world. You can find lost family and friends. Meet new Love... Read More »

What are the impact of Reality shows on youth today?

think its in September but u can watch the hills season 4 on you tube x week by weekits Sunday the 5th of october as it says on MTV UK.

Ate to much today, do i eat less tomorrow?

250 calories over one day is not going to make a huge difference.Eat your 1250 tomorrow to maintain nutrition levels.The bigger problem is you are already at a calorie deficit of 250 calories a day... Read More »