I ate an undercooked hamburger?

Answer You should be OK. If you don't have the trots by now you will probably be OK.

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Difference between a hamburger bun and hamburger roll?

There could be numerous reasons and you can cheak this out yourself.One lot may be the big 'brand name' of them, and the other as the 'shops home brand', the packaging may be quite similar but diff... Read More »

How to Know if Food is Undercooked?

Even some of the best restaraunts serve out food poisoning sometimes, so it shouldn't be a surprise this can happen to you. Take time to learn some techniques for testing the doneness of your meal.

Undercooked fish fingers?

NO. flash freezing, works very often the same way flash Pasteurization works. Most if not all microbes are killed by excessive high or low temperatures. I am sure you will be fine. Think of it, as ... Read More »

How do i avoid undercooked joints in chicken bbq?

Let the heat from the coals dissipate more so you get a longer slower temperature.Chickens are not called joints, but pieces, legs, quarters etc, and the timings will matter.Have some tooth picks a... Read More »