I ate a week out-of-date egg Will I die?

Answer Yes, you will die some day; but that egg will not be what kills you.

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If i buy this laptop now.... will it be out of date next week?

Dude that laptop pretty much beats my desktop anyday, i would say at least a year or so before its out of date. The Core 2 Duo has only just came out and with a Geforce 7600 that will last you ages... Read More »

How do I convert a date into a day of the week?

Find The Day OnlineGo to the Simplistika website: Day to Date Conversion. Use the arrows by the data screens to scroll and select your date, choosing numbers that represent the calendar date (DD),... Read More »

How to Figure a Day of the Week by Date?

Because 365, the number of days in our year, is not evenly divisible by 7, every date from year to year falls on a different day of the week. It may be important to know what day a date was in the ... Read More »

How to Know the Day of the Week for Any Date Past , Present, Future?

You want to know the day of the week on which certain event, like birth, or a future event will take place, happened, just use the chart.