I ate 30 thumb tacks, and now my stomach really hurts.?

Answer Poo.

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Can I use thumb tacks as earrings?

Thumbtacks can be worn as earrings, but before placing objects in your ears, clean the them with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to kill germs that could cause an infection. Purchase rubber st... Read More »

My stomach hurts really really bad. Should I try to throw up?

If you've had a stomach ache for this long and it's not getting better, you need to see a doctor. It might be the stomach flu or something.

My thumb really hurts, what can i do without going to the doctor Please Help!?

You have overstressed your thumb and it needs a rest.Stop popping it, it will take will power, but you need to stop doing it.

My stomach hurts really bad?

I don't think asking the internet will solve anything. You need to go to an actual doctor, where they can run tests and give you medicine if something really is wrong.