I asked a girl out but then I farted so I ran?

Answer Stop eating all those beans. Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot!

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My son just asked me why he couldn't be a girl?

He's obviously some sort of pervert and needs to be indoctrinated back to the ways of straight, Christian children. I know he's only 10, but you need to apply a firm mix of corporal punishment and... Read More »

Got asked to dance and he asked by pouring a ton of leaves on my lawn with a note that said dont "leave" me?

I just farted help!!?

Oh no! Your life is escaping! Quick! Use this! *hands you jar* Capture it!

Is it possible to get pink eye if u get farted on?

Farts have bacteria in them. Bacteria cause some types of pink eye. It is possible there is some connection. People who go to strip clubs where strippers fart in their faces generally engage in oth... Read More »