I am visiting Alsace France which winery should I visit ?

Answer Alsace is a fairly big place. It is a wine region, not just a town or village, so there is a lot of choice and you can find many producers. Hugel, probably the most famous and decorated of all the ... Read More »

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When an older brother is visiting an older sister about 12 miles from you should he call to visit you or should you call to go see him?

be nice to them as much as you can, do nice things for them.

Why would someone visiting or living in Thailand visit the Philippines?

I became friends with several Filippinos after settling in Thailand, and they seemed to have a similar friendly attitude to Thais. I got the feeling that, after being in Thailand for a while, I wou... Read More »

Can i visit Switzerland with my five years multiple U.K visiting visa?

A U.K. visa is not valid in Switzerland. It depends on your [unknown] nationality whether you need to apply for a visa prior to travel to Switzerland.… ..h... Read More »

Must-visit Websites with the reason why they are worth visiting?

In no particular order: - good news, interesting points of view and lively discussion boards with the readers - the international herald tribune gives a nice wor... Read More »