I am unpopular and i was wondering if i shood change my apperance just to fit in?

Answer Don't do it. You will regret it later.Be yourself! Its the best thing you can do for yourself.

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What are things that completely change your apperance?

Hairstyle can make a huge change. Dye it, cut it, or style it differntly for something new. Also, you could get a new outfit or two to fit your healthier body (good job on the weight loss by the wa... Read More »

Shood i get a myspace?

If you are under 13 I would say no but if you are older dont tell your parents and make 1 2 meet new people and talk 2 ur friends

How to Be Confident With Your Apperance?

All people are very beautiful. Some people just forget that they are because of today's high standards. This will help you realize how pretty you really are.

My apperance (makeup/hair) help?

Honestly, EVERYONE thinks they are fat. You really gotta look at others and be grateful for what you have. I, myself, also have a low self esteem. It comes with being a teenager. When my dad didnt ... Read More »