I am university student and simple use but i have to take laptop or notebook to my university and office....?

Answer You want a laptop because it can do more than a notebook. You don't know all of what you have to do at the University, better to bring a gun to the fight instead of a butter knife, so to speak. H... Read More »

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How to Buy a Laptop As a University Student?

Today, many university students have their own laptops. They are a good tool for use in lectures and as many university students live away from home, they are easier to transport. It also means tha... Read More »

Should I buy the Microsoft Office student and home or Microsoft Office University What's the difference?

Well outlook is really not that important. Outlook is basically Microsofts email software. You really don't need it as you can just check your mail in yahoo or gmail whatever you use. The most popu... Read More »

Can you hire a non-student to be a student worker at texas a&m university?

Texas A&M and other public universities have certain jobs for student workers through the Work Study Program. These employees must be enrolled at least half-time, maintain academic progress and sub... Read More »

How to Cook As a Student at University?

Once you've been at university for a year, in the normal situation, you would rent a flat, and find flatmates for the coming year. An important aspect of any flat is food, and how to shop and cook ... Read More »