I am unable to access Wikipedia. I have tried to reboot my PC and this didn't work?

Answer The site is being temporarily blocked on the english network to protest the SOPA and PIPA bills to censor the internet. If you want to Know about these bills you can click on the link that Wikipedi... Read More »

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I have iPhone 3G with 3.1.3. I have tried the newest redsnow before and it jailbroke just fine but when i restored and tried again it gets stuck at waiting for reboot. how do i fix this?

Millimeters is a measure of length; liters is a measure of volume. You can't convert between the two.

My ear feels clogged up i tried wax removal and it didnt work flushing with water and q-tips didnt work help?

Go pick up a ear wax removal kit. They cost about $4 at any Wal-Mart or drug store. You may have to use it for a few days but it will safely remove the wax from your ear. People putting Q-Tips in... Read More »

This morning when I tried to access my Twatter account, it denied me access. How can I resolve this?

Your own Twatter denied you access?!? That's a travesty! Try foreplay.

What is this heading meant to be on this Wikipedia page (Wikipedia vandals have edited it)?