I am trying to delete items in my cookies folder. How...?

Answer ok go to DELETE BROWSING HISTORY and then delete the prompts a new window be sure the cookies arealso selected then click will erase the cookies....................

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How to protect folder with password, when someone trying to delete the folder?

Folder Guard

Am I supposed to do something with Cookies ... delete cookies often or.?

I do the browsing history a couple of times a week, and cookies every 10-14 days.

How to Recover Deleted Items From a Public Folder?

When you delete items from your computer, they're not instantly deleted from your computer. Sometimes you might accidentally delete something from a public folder that you didn't really mean to del... Read More »

If i delete my cookies does it really delete all my history?

Cookies are sort of a tracking mechanism on web sites. Each web site uses cookies in a very specific way. Some of them store your profile data, so when you come back they "remember" you. Nothing... Read More »