I am trying to decide on which GPS to buy... help!?

Answer You can buy a Garmin nuvi 350 on for $199.99. It comes with text-to-speech. I have been watching its price for a while, and it dropped from around $230 to $199 last week.http://www.amazo... Read More »

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Trying to decide which makeup brand to use?

Use Aveda and a SPF moisturizer underneath; the moisturizer doubles as a primer! :)

Trying to decide which TV to buy. Plasma vs LCD and 1080p vs 720P...?

I would think plasma I got a small one it was getting old and lost the sound so I got a real big idea on this and I hooked it up for a monitor for my computer it works great just a little more work... Read More »

Help ! I am trying to replace a 2 pin plug with a UK 3 pin. Which wire is +/- 1 is Black/1 is white - HELP !!?

This must be a non European DVD player if it has black and white cores on the mains lead, in which case black is almost certainly the live conductor. HOWEVER are you sure it's not a US model (120 ... Read More »

Help me decide which two should go?