I am trying o get on my moms computer but she locks it and i dont know the password, what should i do?

Answer One time when I needed the code for my moms laptop I waited till she cut it off and put just a tiny(very tiny) drop of toaster struedel icing on each letter. When I saw her go for it once she got h... Read More »

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I found a computer and i dont know the password what should i do to figure out the password?

Probably can't. But you could reinstall the operating system and set a new password. You can generally do this by booting from an install CD or DVD.

How do you get my WiFi network password on my iphone I forgot mine and I tried look on my wireless network netgear but i dont know which one is the password?

I drank some of my moms tequila she keeps in the freezer and i dont want her to find out, but i cant put water?

To everyone that posted here calling this person stupid and a thief...ask yourself if you did anything similar when you were young before passing judgement and critising. My best friend's Mom was a... Read More »

I dont know my administrator password?

I don't either? Have you been into safe mode t see if there is an unprotected admin account in there? Tap F8 on boot up