I am traveling to Birmingham AL and I am looking for a few restaurants...?

Answer Go on google maps and search food and/or go to google plus and click local or if you have an android get the local app by google and that will tell you good places to eat and how to get there with ... Read More »

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Chinese Restaurants in Birmingham, AL That Deliver?

Chinese restaurants abound in cities throughout the United States, including Birmingham, Alabama. For people with busy schedules who can't take time out to go a restaurant to eat, or for those who'... Read More »

Who's looking for a great night out in Birmingham?

this is really a very cool stuff, but I'm too far away from Birmingham .

Laser Eye Surgery in Birmingham | Lasik Eye Birmingham?

I just got laser eye surgery in Birmingham last week - and I went to Optical Express.There is no need to worry about safety and they have finance options as well. You can call them directly at 087... Read More »

My friends and I are looking for interactive restaurants in, and near Chicago, IL. We'd like to be able to mak?

Flat top grill has various locations around Chicago. It is sort of make your own food, you pick out meat and veggies and sauce and accouterments from a buffet style setup, then you give the bowl to... Read More »