I am tired of paying my electric bill. How can I generate my own electricity?

Answer check out for off the grid living.

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Could i win in small claims court if someone is using electricity in my name&not paying the bill?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanUsing electricity in someone else's name is defined by the Federal Trade Commission as an example of "identity theft," a type of fraud. If someone does not pay the bill for... Read More »

How to Get Help Paying an Electric Bill in Monroe County, Tennessee?

Monroe County, Tennessee, comprises four cities: Madisonville, Sweetwater, Tellicon Plains and Vonore. If you are a resident of Monroe County and you are having difficulty paying your electric bill... Read More »

How is natural gas used to generate electricity?

The cleanest fossil fuel energizes turbines, boilers and engines to account for about 20 percent of the electricity generated in the U.S. That fuel, natural gas, is also efficient and plentiful. Ev... Read More »

How does a dry cell generate electricity?

Dry cell batteries are the most common type of battery and are used in most consumer devices. Dry cell batteries, which range in size from tiny watch batteries to large flashlight batteries, all wo... Read More »