I am tired is it ok if i dont ask any questiions tonite?

Answer I don't mind if you don't ask anymore questions. You go and put your head down an have a nap.Do you want a bedtime story too? lol

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Dont famous people get tired?

they're human so they must get annoyed sometime, but I think most of them accept that the paparazzi's always going to be there so they learn to deal with it.

Tired of life....if i die, dont cry, look to the sky and say goodbye?

Way to type up my life story. I feel the same way about my schoolwork . That I'm preparing for a worthless future. But as I keep looking at it, the more I begin to realize that maybe my life is wor... Read More »

I know im tired but i dont wanna go to sleep!!?

Hi...if u are tierd Y? Is it that you dont want to sleep....i thnk may thrz smthing wrong and u did'nt find the correct words to put ur question in far sleep is concerned,u should tak ... Read More »

Does everybody vomit during pregnancy I am currently 5-6 weeks pregnant and I feel tired and not I dont like any food at all and smells are making me sick. I havent been vomiting. Pls help?

Early pregnancy can induce a variety of symptoms including but not limited toabsence of a periodimplantation bleedingvaginal dischargelethargydizzinesspain in the base of the skull mild abdominal d... Read More »