I am thinking of trying lsd. any tips?

Answer Do it up dude just be careful. Don't do it by yourself and what ever you do don't get scared. Don't take it and think about it to much (it take about 20-40 minutes to kick in) if you get to worri... Read More »

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I'm thinking of trying out a new look for work and I've found one I'm quite fond of. I need tips and tricks on?

well, the wig is obvious. cotton candy. to keep the children in line, you can offer to let them 'remove' it for you. tho, i would shy away from mimicking well-known outfits. you'll come off as ... Read More »

How can I stop thinking thoughts while trying to meditate?

i read a fantastic book called the wisdom of forgiveness by the dalai lama.he spoke of this in a way that really helped me out with the same issue you are having.sometimes it's just impossible not ... Read More »

Does Alli work Currently doing Weight Watchers and was thinking of trying this with the diet?

Sounds like you're already on the right path with Weight Watchers, but taking Alli could give you an extra boost. I've tried the 2 week free sample and I lost about 7lbs during that time. The only ... Read More »

Homemade Hoochâ„¢: Thinking of trying my hand at homemade hard cider. Any suggestions?

This is a pretty good site for advice. As with all home brewing keep everything scrupulously clean to avoid spoilage and make sure all traces of detergent are gone from the bottles before you begin... Read More »