I am thinking of raising my future baby as a vegan from birth?

Answer Congrats!First, please clarify: is your question regarding baby food before or after weaning? If before weaning, I'll reiterate: all newborns MUST be fed human breast milk, which is what "mother na... Read More »

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What does baby keep thinking during birth?

When you're giving birth to your child, the baby will be very frightened because the baby was in the womb all that time and then suddenly, he's moving! He'll be able to feel the light on his face f... Read More »

Raising a Vegan Child?

First of all, I'm sorry you have gotten so many posts that aren't actually answering your question.I don't know of any literature that would adress this issue, but maybe my opinion will be of a lit... Read More »

What is your future your birth date is 29091982 and birth time 1003 AM?

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