I am thinking of getting a wireless mouse---------------?

Answer Wireless mice are fantastic! Never again do you have to worry about breaking the wire attached to the mouse. Many of them eat batteries like crazy. But the simple solution to that is to buy some... Read More »

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How to Extend Wireless Range of a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

Wireless mice and keyboards are important components of home computer systems. Most use a specific radio frequency to communicate with the computer and have an effective range of 30 feet (9.144 m).... Read More »

Which is better a wireless mouse or regular mouse?

I did alot of checking into this. I have had about every kind of mouse there is out there. Home, work, ect.Best bet, "Laser" Mouse. Optical has to be to close to the reciever to work properly. L... Read More »

I am thinking of getting a laptop and doing the wireless thing. How does that work?

Items you need:Working internet connectionInternet ModemWireless Router2-3 Broadband cables (Cat5 or better) Computer capable of Wirelessa bit of patience...1. Unplug your broadband connection from... Read More »

Wireless mouse?

The mouse has its own set of batteries. Attempt to change the batteries and see if that fixes the problem.If not, right click on "My Computer", select "Manage". Select the "Device Manager". In t... Read More »