I am thinking about buying a GPS?

Answer The basic part of the GPS system is free for all the public to use, it was developed by the US Department of Defense and later it was opened up to public access. It works much like an AM or FM radi... Read More »

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Thinking about buying a camcorder~ But know nothing about them.?

Hello everyone, I'm thinking of buying a new camcorder...?

I ran across this deal today and i have the older version, it is a great video camera and the price is unbelievable.…Good Luck

I was thinking about buying a laptop?

Everyone says to buy Dell, but I am friends with a friend with a top degree in computing who says not to buy Dell or Acer.Toshiba is top of the range, but within your price range you might have to ... Read More »

I'm thinking about buying a new pc, and would like to know if this Is a good pc for £180?

What do you plan on using it for? If not for any games, then it is spectacular. If for gaming, not so much. It needs RAM and a better video card.EDIT: RAM is not the most important thing for gaming... Read More »