I am the happiest person in this earth.. Do you believe me!?

Answer Yes, if you tell us why.......

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If you were the last person left on Earth, what would you do?

Shove my butt in my dead enimies face, and fart :)

Am I the stupidest person on earth please tell me!?

you know what a graphic card/ integrated means.. so your def not the dumbest around.. i spell my name wrong =\

Who is the most urgly person on earth?

wht do u mean by ugly .we'll see world with our eyes .if eyes r bad surroundings are bad .this is a famous saying .i think u might be depressed while asking this question .okok no happy so... Read More »

How do you become the coolest person on earth on Google?

This is a report worthy question ... if i was that way inclined