I am the happiest person in this earth.. Do you believe me!?

Answer Yes, if you tell us why.......

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This "person" who I believe?

No clue who this troll is. I kinda prefer to just ask and answer questions, and stay out of the debates, for "fear" (if you will) of a troll "attack". Is it just me, or does any one else kinda en... Read More »

How many Americans believe that earth has been visited by aliens?

Approximately 72 million Americans (based on 1999 figures). A Roper Poll in 1999 found that 25% of the US population thought that UFOs were alien spaceships. The population of the US in 1999 was 2... Read More »

I cant believe this, is this frequent nowadays (for railcrews only please)?

You kinda picked up right from where my answer with regard to this claptrap ended.I don't watch much TV myself. But I have seen bodies who have frozen to death on a night time jaunt across the des... Read More »

I saw this on youtube does any one believe that this is really happening?

Yes. conspiracy is everywhere. they can be traced back to ancient times.