I am taking thyroxine,medicines for blood pressure and heart?

Answer The heart is an incredibly powerful organ that works constantly, without ever pausing to rest. Unlike other types of muscles, the cardiac muscle never gets tired, but relies on a steady flow of oxy... Read More »

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Does lipozene affect your blood pressure when taking?

It shouldn't. Unless you are not drinking enough water.I hope you bought it off the shelf and didn't buy it over the internet. If you bought it online be prepared for a huge shock when you get your... Read More »

Stopped taking high blood pressure?

Kris, that's excellent bp. This is something to be discussed with your doctor, simply for hearing all other indications prove it a right choice. At the least, call his nurse, and explain what you ... Read More »

When you're taking blood pressure readings, and the top number is suddenly very low?

Its not the numbers that matter, its the fraction that counts. Its basically an indication of how alive you are. So a BP of 150 over 150 means that you are in perfect health whereas a BP of 75 over... Read More »

How can i lower my blood pressure without taking prescription drugs?