I am stumped (A utorrent-related question)?

Answer Are you sure you have not got it set to choose a port randomly at every restart ?you need to choose a port that is not being monitored in your routerby your internet service provider.they sometimes... Read More »

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A question regarding an error I'm getting on uTorrent?

The usual reason for that is an indexing program (Google Desktop etc.) taking over the file. More info here:…

UTorrent question. I messed with some settings.?

the bandwidth tab is a very complicated tab, in the wrong hands of a person with a santa hat that's is clearly on to tight could stuff up your settings that may never be able to be fixedjust so hap... Read More »

Skype related question?

he can delete your message even you r offline ,if he make new skype id then facebook may give some hint such as he is using skype or he is on skype.

A work related question regarding bartending?

Don't be discouraged. Go for it. But if you haven't bartended professionally before, you should mind where you put in an application. Some establishments require experience. Other than that, yo... Read More »