I am sorry dad, i used ur credit card number to buy online softwares.?

Answer You have got to tell your dad straight away, when he checks hos statement he will notice items going out of his account that he doesn't know about he will then get in touch with the credit card com... Read More »

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Can a debit card be used as a credit card online?

Debit cards backed by major credit companies, like Visa and Mastercard, can be used as credit cards online wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted. Debit cards work exactly the same as credit cards... Read More »

Is it safe to use my credit card number online?

On One Hand: When It's Not SafeYou should not use your credit card number online on public computers, such as at libraries or coffee shops. Thieves can install keyloggers, which are hardware and so... Read More »

If I'm Being Sued for Credit Card Debt, Can My Credit Report Be Used Against Me?

A credit report compiles your payment history into four sections: negative accounts, positive accounts, public records and collections. The information contained in a credit report is vital because... Read More »

What is the difference between using a credit card& a key card online?

A key card is similar to a debit card, except it is processed through companies such as Maestro, Cirrus and Visa Plus. Both key cards and credit cards can be used to purchase items over the Interne... Read More »