I am slim. I want to become fat.Please give me sugessions.?

Answer Eat more food,but not items rich in fat,cholesterol as they will lead to obesity which inturn makes you liable to a variety of health problems. It also depends on age.If you are below 50,you can e... Read More »

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Am i fatplease answer. pics?

What does slim give Lennie in mice of men and why is this important to Lennie?

Slim gives Lennie and pup because he likes to pet things that are soft and pretty!

How to Use a Slim Jim?

Learning how to use a slim jim can be a very valuable experience when you find yourself locked out of your car. Slim Jims are great products for getting out of such jams, as they can be used to ope... Read More »

How to Slim Down As a Kid?

Are you sick of being overweight and find too many clothes to figure out that are too small on you? Sick of the love handles, double chins and muffin-tops? Looking to work off a few pounds as a kid... Read More »