I am seventy-six and I want to learn how to use the computer.?

Answer Good for you!!! Practice, practice, practice and show no fear of the computer.Start by talking to your kids, grandkids, friends and other senior computer users. Join a computer club, take a night... Read More »

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How to Be Beautiful at Seventy?

Everyone has the potential to be beautiful, no matter their age. If you are older, then try some of these tips to discover the scene to your own beauty!

Who where the talk show hosts of the sixty and seventy?

Is a ten year old girl supposed to weigh seventy-five pounds?

Answer 75 pounds is underweight but it mostly depends how tall you are

Can an older sick man who is seventy-five years old legally adopt a 60 year old female?

In Jefferson County NY, for an uncontested step-parent adoption, I was quoted $1500 + the $150 fee for the home study. Relatively cheap compared to what I've researched in other states. Good luck!