I am serious here, why do vegeterians form their food to resemble?

Answer I am a Florist and believe me, NOTHING wreaks worse than the vase of an EXPIRED bouquet! ( The one you held on to, or forgot to dump) No Meat, No Feet, No Sh..t! Meat doesn't stay around long enou... Read More »

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Why do most vegeterians look ill?

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Why do ice crystals form on frozen food?

Freezing is a common method to retain food's nutrients and make it last longer. As part of the freezing process, ice crystals form and change a food's cellular makeup.SignificanceNinety percent of ... Read More »

Why do ice crystals form on food in freezer?

Because the moisture in the food freezes. Short term, you can prevent this with a tight fitting seal around your frozen package. Long term? There's not a whole lot you can do.

Do vegeterians eat fish?

There are some vegaterians that eat no meat including fish, and there are some that eat no meat exept for fish