I am scheduled to have all my teeth extracted tomorrow..?

Answer Will you be putting your teeth in a trashbag?

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I've had all my teeth extracted, but no imprints taken before they extracted them, can they still make denture?

When dentures are made it is only the bare jaw bone on which the denture will be made to fit on that is important. The best way to have a denture made is to have all the teeth pulled and allow the ... Read More »

What can you eat after you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

These are the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth are pulled: ice cream frozen yogurt cold applesauce mashed potatoes cold tomato soup non-frozen yogurt cold pudding If you want to get nutrients, ... Read More »

Is blood pressure fluctuation related to abscessed teeth that have not yet been extracted?

AnswerYes. I had an abcessed tooth for about a year and I did not know it. My blood pressure was really weird during that time, as soon as I went on antibiotics and then had a root canal done, my... Read More »

Is it normal to have a stitch connected to your cheek after having wisdom teeth extracted?

Answer stitches in cheekI had my wisdom teeth taken out a week ago all my swelling has gone down and i have the same thing there is 1 stitch in my cheek so yes im pretty sure it is normal.