I am saving up all of my Epson Ink cartridges to show?

Answer Does your printer use seperate printheads, or are they built onto the cartridge?(You can tell by looking at the cartridge - if it just has a hole for ink to come out, the printheads are seperate). ... Read More »

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Is there anywhere to get Epson printer ink cartridges for cheaper than they are sold on the Epson website?

The prices on this web-store are amazing. See the link below:…Compare the prices. Also, this website has many variations of inks. You can refill your Epso... Read More »

Epson Printer & Non Epson Cartridges. Any way to override "Incompatible" screen?

Either install the cartridge, wait for the error screen and then press the enter key or install the cartridge and then turn off the printer. Also you can restart the computer to try and get rid of... Read More »

Epson Stylus CX4600 won't print-new Epson cartridges?

ive come across this before, the place u got the cartridges have given you the wrong ones. they have given u the cartridges for a DX instead of a CX. they both look the same but the info on the chi... Read More »

Is there a way of getting more ink out of epson cartridges?

Not advisable. If you actually run the print head dry it can burn out, then it's new printer time