I am planning to buy an LCD TV. Plz suggest me which LCD TV should I buy.?

Answer Get to the stores and watch a few. The one that looks the best is the best one to be buying.

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I am planning to purchase a digital camera,pls suggest what features to look for & pls suggest best model?

All of the major brands are good. Choose a brand that appeals to you. Then you have to think about getting a spare battery, what size memory card, if you want an extended warranty, how much you can... Read More »

Please suggest some hot foods for my 4 years son this winter which should be hygienic and economical?

Give him dry fruits e.g. Almonds +Cashewnut+ Resins + Pistachu + Wall nut average weight 100 gm daily at bed time.Also give him milk duly boiled with some saffron leaves.Take 50 gm Azwain & drop i... Read More »

I am planning to buy a laptop.can u please suggest the best brand?

Apple or Dell is my basic answer. Depending on many things, including total cost, what the laptop will be used for, etc. I have and will in the future recommend others.A basic Apple or Dell is mor... Read More »

Im planning to buy a dvd player can you suggest a brand that is durable. thanks?

My brother uses a "durabrand" DVD player from walmart. I purchased a "magnavox" 3-4 years ago at my local blockbuster The only ""repair work"" I have had to do is once in a while change the remote... Read More »