I am planning to buy a 17" monitor under Rs10000/250$?

Answer lg has an new scheme for 10400rs under exchange u can get lg 19 inch lcd.thats much better in contrast then lg 17 inch.

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What is planning under homeland security?

The security of the nation rests upon their wary shoulders. But I watch too much TV.

Best monitor for gaming out there under $230?

This Screen is just a little over your budget but it's totallly worth it! :D…

I have a tiny thunder fly under the screen of my Monitor, will it do any damage besides driving me mad?

i know exactly what you mean one has crawled up to the middle of my screen and died so on a pure white screen iv'e got a black spot. dont worry it won't hurt the screen

Can you use the same approach for planning website content as you use for planning printed reports?