I am pan frying crispy chicken breast. what kinda potatos can i do?

Answer do bombay potatos! yum spicem up with more chilli6 medium sized potatos1 tbsp ground turmeric4 tbsp vegetable oil2 dried red chillies 6-8 curry leaves2 onions dicedfresh coriander1 tsb cumin1 tsb... Read More »

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Is deep frying chicken in olive oil any healthier than deep frying chicken in Crisco (shortening/lard)?

Olive oil is better than shortening. Olive oil is good for you! It is high in the good cholesterol. So, use it to fry, and if you like, drink it. There are people that do just that.

How to Make Chicken-Thighs Skin Crispy & Tasty?

Crisp, flavorful chicken skin is the mark of an accomplished cook. A combination of techniques and ingredients will get you perfect poultry skin when working with chicken thighs. You must dry the s... Read More »

How to Make Kentucky Fried Chicken Extra Crispy?

Did you know that Colonel Sanders probably borrowed his safekeeping tactics from the Byzantine Romans? The east romans kept their secret weopon called "Greek Fire" broken down into components which... Read More »

How to Soak Chicken in Salt Water Before Frying?

A common problem with homemade fried chicken is overcooking. The solution for creating succulent meat every time is brining. The process involves soaking the meat in a solution of salt and water, w... Read More »