I am overweight and want to lose weight. Will i be able to carry out sprints with same speed on loosing weight?

Answer You will be able to get much faster as you lose weight. No guarantee as to how fast you'll be compared to your peers though.

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Am I Overweight Or Fat And Should I Lose Weight!?

No your size is normal your BMI (body mass index ) is suppose to be between 18-24 your bmi is 20 it goes by your height and weight you can calculate that at this website Read More »

What is the best way for an overweight 11-year-old to lose weight?

how to lose weight You can lose weight by exercising, and you should really sign up for gymnastics. It gets you muscles going just eat healty okay. Answer Hey, I was overweight you just have to rem... Read More »

Are you overweight if you're 11 and 5'5'' and weigh 122 pounds and how can you lose weight?

Answer No you are not at all overweight, a little underweight if anything.You are just very tall for your age and all your shorter friends will be saying that they weigh 98 pounds or whatever, but... Read More »

How to Push Your Overweight Child to Lose Weight?

Do you have an overweight child? Are you concerned about his/her weight, and want to help? These are some ways to get a competitive child to lose weight.