I am not profesional but want to scan a lot. Which scanner would be sueful for me?

Answer Get the new HP G4010 which does legal size scan, slides, negatives or the newer Hp G3110 which also allows you to scan books.Check this link...HP is a reliable product, easy to install, and scans q... Read More »

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Will a scanner whose scan quality is 1200 x 2400 ppi be good enough to scan slides?

yes.I would recommend 9600dpi if the images are really important and are going to be used for printing.

You wish to scan an 8 by 10 colour photograph using a scanner which can scan images at a resolution of 3200 d?

I will estimate one photograph would use up 0.244MB.Pretty small, from what I think.

My Epson Stylus SX440 scanner won't scan. It says "cannot communicate with scanner" but clearly is connected?

Did you check to make sure all the wires/plugs are connected properly?

I dont have a scanner n wud like to scan small picture n make them big. what scan can i buy?

u can dfntly go for a hp scanner.. or u can go for a hp all in one.. so dat u can print scan all at the same time! n u can trst a hp tech on ths! as m one!