I am not profesional but want to scan a lot. Which scanner would be sueful for me?

Answer Get the new HP G4010 which does legal size scan, slides, negatives or the newer Hp G3110 which also allows you to scan books.Check this link...HP is a reliable product, easy to install, and scans q... Read More »

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I want to get a scanner and scan my photos into my pc, which scanner should I get?

You don't need such a high scan on photos. 600 dpi will give you top quality. Get the HP G-4010 which is a legal size scanner and allowing you to scan many photos at once. That is what I use profes... Read More »

Can anyone suggest me, which scanner would be affordable yet best to scan film negatives?

All we need now, my friend, is for you to tell us what is "affordable" and what size negatives it is that you wish to scan.

You wish to scan an 8 by 10 colour photograph using a scanner which can scan images at a resolution of 3200 d?

I will estimate one photograph would use up 0.244MB.Pretty small, from what I think.

Any suggestions for a scanner for home use I want to scan old films and photos.?

A great one for old photos and slides is the Epson Perfection V600. It's medium level, not a basic flatbed model, but not a high-end scanner like a Nikon 5000, say. It has optical resolution of 640... Read More »