I am making cookies and am wondering if...?

Answer Oy vey! What am I, your token Messianic Christian? The fundies don't like me much, and the Catholics said I am going to hell. Just gimme a cookie and I will go comfort myself. That's right. I have ... Read More »

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Im making a video and i was wondering what i need to do to add like fireballs and stuff like that.?

Check out this little gem:

I am making an Invader Zim video for YouTube and I was wondering where to go to find clips from the show?

Making cookies last longer?

They wont go bad. Eventually they may go stale but nog anytime soon. You can also freeze them.

Making pignoli cookies for the first time but...?

2 3/4 egg whites means 2 and 3/4 egg whites. It does NOT mean two eggs. You'll need to separate three eggs to get 2 3/4 egg whites.