I am making a video...?

Answer right click the audio clip under the video clip and click mute

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Does audio sync means the video is making blurry sounds along with the regular video sounds?

No it means the audio is in time with the video.If you have sync problems then your picture and audio are out of sync.

How can I use .MOV files in video making?

You can either download a more versatile application, which will support many video and graphic file formats. (There are several available, just do a quick search using Google.)Or download a progr... Read More »

Video-making problems?

For basic editing, AVS Video Editor is a great choice: It's also free trial, so that's always nice.

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First of all! NO GIFS! Sorry, but they're such low quality!~ You need CLIPS =)All you have to do is download a YouTube video downloader--'t worry, it's not ... Read More »