I am looking for technical recommendations for a video sermon that is posted.?

Answer They are both good, the TV version I had a hard time seeing the close up of the scripture but then my computer is over 9 years old and my cell phone has more RAM than it does. So I would say I like... Read More »

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In 4 days a youtube video I posted got just 385 that number bad or decent?

Its good if you are just a basic YouTube poster - Its bad if you are trying to sell something.

Is it true that Nick prugo from the "bling ring" posted a video confession, where can i watch it?

Ideas for a Video Sermon?

In the modern age where communication is dominated by the Internet, online video sermons have the potential to reach a much larger audience than a sermon preached to a live congregation. You can pr... Read More »

Looking for NYC Restaurant Recommendations?

i live in the union square area and often dine out with my friends. there are lots of great restaurants around here!..just depends on wt type of cuisine ur lookin for. spice: east 13th street betwe... Read More »