I am looking for natural herbs that can fight against drug cravings?

Answer Homeopathic Remedies are prescribed according to the patients symptoms not the disease, The following remedies are used for a few Addictions (To reduce the Cravings) :-Addicted :-To Opium Berberis ... Read More »

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Herbs that help to fight anxiety?

Organically grown marijuana wont give you paranoia, its the chemicals that do. But lavender essential oil is really good. As long as its pure with no carrier you can put it directly on your skin ... Read More »

Foods That Fight Against Acne?

Acne can be unsightly and even painful in some cases. Acne is caused when pores in the skin become blocked, and bacteria grow beneath the skin, under the blockage. This can show up as either blackh... Read More »

Natural Herbs That Produce Milk?

New mothers often want to increase their flow of milk when breastfeeding to ensure their infants are receiving ample nutrients at each meal. Certain herbs are considered lactogenic, or milk-produci... Read More »

How to Fight Cravings?

Mmm! Cake! I really want to eat it-don't you?[1]A craving is when you have a strong desire to do something, such as eating something that tastes really good. But sometimes you may be having too muc... Read More »