I am looking for an apple laptop for under $500,?

Answer There are several ways to get a mac laptop for under $500 but none will be current hardware. I have an older iBook that still works fine for what I use it for but there are some things that I want... Read More »

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Should I buy windows Vitsta laptop or a apple Mac laptop?

i have bought a macbook for school only recently and i love it, its sooo much better than vista. the only bad points i can figure out is that not a lot of popular software or games are compatible o... Read More »

Apple Laptop?

apple are good but a HP is way better then a Apple lapton so get a HP

Can you have an Apple laptop that isn't a Mac but is a PC?

You cannot buy a laptop from Apple with Windows pre-installed, but you can install Windows after purchasing the laptop using the Boot Camp utility. Boot Camp allows you to install Windows and Mac O... Read More »

Should i get an Apple laptop or should i not?

No you do not want an apple.. they suck... get the HP or the Sony..