I am looking for an apple laptop for under $500,?

Answer There are several ways to get a mac laptop for under $500 but none will be current hardware. I have an older iBook that still works fine for what I use it for but there are some things that I want... Read More »

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Good laptop models / laptop brands.. I'm looking for something under $1500..?

It really depends on what you need it for.. Good is very relative.. Do you need good battery life, does it need to play games, etc..

Looking For An i7 Or Quad Core Laptop For Under £500?

Good luck with that. I doubt if you can find it for under 500.

Should I buy windows Vitsta laptop or a apple Mac laptop?

i have bought a macbook for school only recently and i love it, its sooo much better than vista. the only bad points i can figure out is that not a lot of popular software or games are compatible o... Read More »

I am looking for a digital camera. under $350?

Check out is a great site that I used when buying my digital camera.Reason it is good is because there is information on most cameras, you can compare specifications side by s... Read More »