I am looking for a scanner that will not only scan 35mm but also scan negatives from a 120 film cartridge.?

Answer Amazon has many, I saw one for various sizes:… is $100.More at…

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Can anyone suggest me, which scanner would be affordable yet best to scan film negatives?

All we need now, my friend, is for you to tell us what is "affordable" and what size negatives it is that you wish to scan.

How to Scan Negatives With the HP G3010 Scanner?

The HP G3010 scanner is a flat bed scanner. Flat bed scanners have a large lid that you lift up to reveal a pane of glass. You place materials to be scanned on the pane of glass, then close the lid... Read More »

Best way to scan negatives with cheap scanner?

Your question is very interesting to me.Here's an article that talks about how to do it.…Good luck!

What is the best scanner to scan negatives of different sizes?

Medium format (120 or 220 film) is 60mm wide. 127 film (still considered medium format) is 40mm wide. Different cameras will give different lengths, but popular formats are 60mm square, 60x70, 45x6... Read More »