I am looking for a restaurant similar to Maggiano's?

Answer Same concept - Same Food is Buca de Bepo

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I am looking for a restaurant that is similar to Maggiano's ..?

Olive garden, Johnny carrinos, campanile, cecconi's, DRAGO centro, Giovanni ristorante, Il grano, La botte ristorante, paparazzi, Scarpetta, valentino. All are in LA

How old do you have to be to work at Applebees, or a similar restaurant, or McDonalds, or a similar restaurant?

15 in some states with a work permit from your school.At 16 you can apply anywhere. If you make it a career tell the hiring manager thatand he will be far more likely to hire you. They love Waitres... Read More »

Looking for ipod or something similar?

Look, an ipod is just marketing. It's a portable hard drive with software to play .mp3 music files. This tangentially refers to it:…If frugality is a con... Read More »

Looking for an inexpensive version of Photoshop or similar,,?

Gimp is the most powerful option, and the closest free image editor to Photoshop in its capabilities. However, it does have a rather steep learning curve. To help you, there are lots of user groups... Read More »