I am looking for a program to install on my computer?

Answer Not quite a pie graph, but an excellent graphical representation of the contents of your hard drive (colour-coded for file type) is WinDirStat.  Get it from

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How to Install a 32-Bit Program on a 64-Bit Computer?

The 64-bit (x64) operating systems are specifically designed to handle programs and hardware that use the 64-bit architecture. However, using a 64-bit operating system does not in any way stop you ... Read More »

Is there a free program that can tell my computer which driver is needed and install it?

The red x through the internet icon means that there is no internet connection. Most likely you have two (or more) internet connections. If you are connected through WiFi, that red x means that you... Read More »

I've removed a program(via add/remove): if now restore computer to prior date, will program be re-added?

The restore point only saves the state of the machine. It does not save applications or specific documents. ... once it's gone, it's gone. (unless you use some serious whiz-bang tools to recover th... Read More »

I do not have the CD to install Espon Photo 820 printer. Can I download the software to install the program?

You should be able to get the driver from the Epson website.