I am looking for a new laptop...what is better...windowsXP or windows vista?

Answer XP might be the better OS, but with Vista now a (not very welcome) fact of life, XP is going to start losing the attention that users need. It won't happen overnight, but soon you'll have software... Read More »

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I am looking for a new computer what do you all think is the best windows xp or vista?

Ignore everyone saying go for XP.Support for XP will end in June 2009, so that mean no more security updates, no more service packs etc, and if you are looking at a 3 year+ PC then you wan't all th... Read More »

How to Make Windows Vista Stop Looking for New Wireless Networks?

In both Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, WLAN (wireless local area network) connections are determined through the WLAN AutoConfig service. This is a change from Windows XP, which use... Read More »

Windows XP vs Vista, I was looking into buying a new pc and the salesman recommended sticking with XP as...?

Hello,(ANS) NO!! DON'T buy windows Vista. Why? because it requires a new PC with much much higher hardware specifications just to run it. Vista gobbles RAM for breakfast, gobbles as much memory as ... Read More »

How to Install Windows Vista Ultimate from a Vista Basic Installation Disk?

This article will tell you how to temporarily install Windows Vista Ultimate and use all of its advanced features from a Vista Home Basic boot disk.