I am looking for a company that will scan my photos and put them onto Cd's?

Answer Most photo developpers now offer this service because it is so simple to do. Go to a local mall and ask around, most places which deals with photo development should either be able to do this or g... Read More »

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I am looking for a scanner that will not only scan 35mm but also scan negatives from a 120 film cartridge.?

Amazon has many, I saw one for various sizes:… is $100.More at…

How do scan photos onto your computer?

Put the photo in the scannergo into your photo's program, and click scan photoit will probably be in the files menu.Make sure you've lined up the picture, in the upper left hand corner, and there y... Read More »

What company do you will come out with a personal phone booth that will allow them to whip it out?

Ha Ha Sis you sure have a good sense of humor. I laughed too just thinking about that. I think APPLE needs to since they do all those innovative things that ultimately work after the bugs are out ... Read More »

Where can i find a company that will copy DVD's onto a Blu-Ray Disc?

If what you want to do is cram as many episodes as possible from some TV series DVD set into a single or two BD discs while preserving the same resolution and quality, then you will just need to fi... Read More »