I am looking for a cheap and cheerful all in one printer. Any suggestions?

Answer If I were shopping for one, I'd start with… or maybe,1874,10… and surf a little Both will let you sort by features, ty... Read More »

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Looking for a good Printer, Any Suggestions?

Get the HP F4180. It's a low cost printer, but also includes a scanner and copier. We use them at my work and they are great, ink cartridges last long too.

I am looking for an ALL IN ONE printer, copier, scanner, etc. any suggestions?

Try getting a HP F380 All-In-One. It's what I use and it is perfect for everyday use. Try shopping in office depot last time I was in there they were on sale and the regular price was around$80 or $90

I'm looking for a printer that won't cost $$$ in ink, any suggestions?

The ink isn't going to be cheap, regardless of which printer you get. You may be able to take your old cartridges to one of the places that refills them...much cheaper than new cartridges.

I'm looking for a good, cheap, hd camcorder that can take pictures, would anyone have any suggestions?

Why would You want stop recording a Video, to take a picture, when any Video Editing Program has the ability to exact a frame of the Video and make a picture from it? Makes no sense. Get a $400 C... Read More »