I am looking for a USB driver for my cell phone the driver needed is Motorola A41x/v32x please help?

Answer If you are using Windows XP then you probably will not need any USB Drivers.but you can check your phone settingsTo change your USB connection settings:Press MenuPress the Navigation Key scrolling ... Read More »

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What driver is needed for a Samsung r500 cell phone?

One of the compatible drivers for the Samsung r500 phone is the MA - 8216P USB Cable Device Driver & Modem Driver. It came out in 2007, and is available for download at some websites (including the... Read More »

Free driver scanners/repair similar to Driver Detective,Driver genius?

Save your money and just do a regular check of your hardware. Most software/hard ware you install will update automatically.

What's the best way to scare the crap out of an inattentive driver behind you gabbing on a cell phone?

I have two fog lights on the rear bumper that shine bright red. When someone is being a fool behind me, or tailgating, I flip the switch to On. I'm not really braking, but people think I am. It ... Read More »

How do i get my cell phone,remote,headphones,screw driver and tennis ball out of my anus?

I researched for you poor anusooool.What you do is: Swallow a Nitroglycerin suppository for each item you need to eject out of your poor Ansel and in about 10 minutes, you will be able to retrieve ... Read More »