I am looking for Soya Bean Chunks in Karachi?

Answer you can get them here

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How to Cook Soya Chunks?

Textured soya is a versatile substitute for beef, pork or chicken. It can be curried, stewed or fried to provide a low fat, vegetarian form of protein instead of meat. Soya chunks are just one for... Read More »

Is soya a nut or a bean?

it is a bean, but has more protein and fat than most other beans, so in this respect is similar to a nut.

How Soya bean Milk prepared?

The Following step do to make soya milk1. Ingredients2. Soaking and dehulling the soya beans3. Heating the soya beans (optional)4. Grinding the soya beans5. Boiling the soy milk6. Flavouring the s... Read More »

Where is Karachi?

Karachi is one of the commercial city of Pakistan. It's located in Sindh province.Karachi is coastal city of Pakistan located at the southern tip of province sindh.