I am kinda small for my age?

Answer I know how it feels. >.>"I'm shorter than you TT.TTAnyway,EAT MORE MEAT BELLL~!!!!!!!!!! (got this from Exo X3)It's the only way u___u"Now... go!!*throws steaks and hamburgers at you*... Don't girl... Read More »

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My boobs are kinda small ?

Never Stuff. Please oh please, never stuff. Imagine if a guy got with you and you pull tissues out of ur bra imagine what hes gonna think. Youd lose a date and ur reputation. Itd be better to get s... Read More »

What investigating detective show has 3 people 2 can kinda tell how the person died and the other 1 is kinda like their leader theirs 2 guys and 1 girl if u know can you please let me know thanks?

It's a Remington,I' m not sure which model,but it' s certainly noiseless and portable.

What kinda of virus is this ?

. Run These In This Order: (All Free) All Ways Update... No Safe Mode1. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware -…2. Spybot - Search & Destroy - http://www.safer-netwo... Read More »

I kinda ate moldy jam?

Well, if you didn't eat the part with the mold, then you should be fine. Usually you might get a stomach ache or something, but not really any illnesses. So, yeah, you'll be okay. :)